Real-time visibility into the people and places that matter to your business

On-the-Ground Intelligence

  • OOS Audits

  • Price Monitor

  • Promo Tracking

  • NPD Analysis

  • Franchisee Checks

  • Competitive Review

  • Channel Discovery

Consumer Insights

  • Photo Diaries

  • Mobile Ethnographies

  • Geo-Fenced Surveys

  • Instant Polls

  • Brand Impact

  • Customer Experience

  • Mystery Shopping


It all begins with your question requesting specific information from the field. Using the Streetbees app, we broadcast the request to our global army of smartphone users, who we lovingly know as bees.

Bees who are already in the right place at the right time return the needed information all via their smartphones within hours: whether it be in-store photos of chocolate bars, a survey about breakfast habits… or a video of your grandmother opening a packet of frozen peas. Really. We cross-verify the data and deliver the approved results with real-time streaming via a web dashboard. It’s just as if the business had eyes and ears on the ground all over the world, without even leaving the office.

Leverage the global reach of our local knowledge army, powered with our innovative mobile technology and diligent data verification system. Gain omni-presence in all channels across the world at an affordable cost.